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Adobe Creative Cloud VIP - For Teams

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Adobe Creative Cloud VIP - For Teams

What is Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP)?

The Adobe Volume Licensing (AVL) Value Incentive Plan (VIP) is the membership-based program that customers need to join in order to purchase Creative Cloud for teams.
With creative cloud you download and install your software as normal on your desktop.

Whats the Benefit ?

Joining VIP enables customers to immediately download and deploy available Adobe products under a subscription-type, annual-term payment plan. There are no minimum-purchase or discount-level requirements.

VIP & the Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud for teams complete and single-app plans are purchased through Adobe’s Value Incentive Plan (VIP). Adobe VIP is a volume licensing program that enables commercial, education, and government organizations to lower up-front costs, get access to the latest features for the Adobe products they purchase, and flexibly deploy seats across their organization. Enrolling in Adobe VIP is simple, and once an order is placed, you get immediate access to Creative Cloud for teams

Does Creative Cloud (CC) apps run in the cloud in my browser—not on my desktop?

No this is False. CC apps like Adobe Photoshop® and InDesign® are installed and run directly on your computer.

Do I have to be constantly connected to use my apps?

No this is False. CC apps like Photoshop and InDesign are installed and run directly on your computer. You only need to be online to install your software and to use Creative Cloud services like cloud storage. Creative Cloud will alert you when you need to connect to the Internet for a license status check.

In a Nutshell

Previously you got hit with a costly upfront cost of a box or license - only for a new version to comes out shortly after you bought.
The 1 year subscription approach helps on cash flow budgeting, managing your licenses, and benefit of having the latest version (if you desire). Adding extra users is also a breeze - as is moving to CLP if and when it suits.
- Ability to purchase Creative Cloud for teams
- Intuitive management console for easy license management
- Guaranteed Compliance
- Ongoing membership—customers agree to the terms and conditions only once
- Cash flow easier to manage

We aren’t ready to switch from Adobe Creative Suite® software to Adobe Creative Cloud at this time

Even though moving to Creative Cloud may not make sense today, we recommend that you get a few memberships to start. Here’s why:

You can prepare your organization by evaluating and testing the latest software.
You will establish membership in Adobe’s VIP program, and you can deploy additional seats quickly, if budget owners request them.

How does VIP differ from other AVL programs?

Other AVL programs, such as TLP (One off upfront transaction), CLP (Cumulative volume licensing), and EA (Enterprise licensing), are perpetual-based licensing programs, meaning customers pay for the outright ownership of the versioned software license available at the time of purchase.

VIP is subscription based, meaning customers pay for a certain amount of time to use the latest software available, but they do not own the license outright.

How do you enroll in VIP?

Enrollment is initiated by AxonWare, who sends an invitation to you to enroll in VIP. Once you accept the terms and conditions of the program by clicking on Accept, a customer VIP Number is generated.

Creative tools

  • After Effects mnemonic
    Adobe Acrobat® XI*

    Create, edit, and sign PDF documents and forms.

  • Adobe After Effects® CC

    Cinematic visual effects and motion graphics.

  • Adobe Audition® CC

    Audio for broadcast, video, and film.

  • Adobe Bridge*

    Find, sort, filter, and organize photos, graphics, videos, and other digital assets.

  • Adobe Dreamweaver® CC

    Websites, app design, and coding.

  • Adobe Fireworks®*

    Prototype websites and applications, and optimize web graphics.

  • Adobe Flash® Builder® Premium*

    Build applications for iOS, Android,™ and BlackBerry® using a single codebase.

  • Adobe Flash Professional CC

    Create rich interactive content across a variety of platforms and devices.

  • Adobe Illustrator® CC

    Vector graphics and illustration.


* Not available through the single-app plan.




Are seats that are added mid-subscription term pro-rated to the Anniversary Date?
Yes, they will be pro-rated. For example, seats added halfway through will be pro-rated for 6 months instead of the full 12.

What happens to a customers installed software purchased through VIP if they do not renew or make the purchase within 30 days?

The product checks to confirm activation once a month. If a payment isn’t shown, the customer’s rights to the seat may be turned off.

How would software installed on a users machine be disabled if they do not renew or make the purchase within 30 days?

The product calls home to confirm activation once a month. If a payment is not shown, the rights to the seat may be turned off.

What happens at the end of the year for renewal?

All subscriptions that were deployed during the subscription term will end on the last day of the last month of the subscription term. There will be a grace period before the seats are deactivated.
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