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Vectorworks Architect 2020
-English ★ New Version ★

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Vectorworks Architect  2020 -English  ★ New Version  ★
Just Released Vectorworks 2020

Vectorworks software enables you create whatever you imagine - with even greater efficiency and increased productivity.
Flexible, intuitive and smart features continue to give Vectorworks applications the edge in 3D modelling, BIM, and integrated rendering, in addition to architectural and entertainment design. You get better collaboration, easy usability and seriously efficient features. Accelerate your designs.

Whats New ?


Enhancements in Vectorworks 2018 help you streamline the creation of schedules, improve graphic output, and simplify drawing distribution, empowering you to work faster and be more productive than ever before.


Collaboration and communication are key to the success of any project. Vectorworks makes it easy to team up with others in the design and construction process.


With the latest Maxon CineRender engine, rendered panoramas, high-quality shaders, and single-click model export for web viewing, you have a suite of tremendous cutting-edge capabilities that are seamlessly integrated with the tools you use for design and documentation.

Vectorworks New Features    Added

• Enhanced Resource Manager    (v2018)
• Improved Revit Import    (v2018)
• Streamlined Drawing Distribution    (v2018)
• More Accessible IFC BIM Data    (v2018)
• Robust Wall Modeling Options    (v2018)
• Improved Graphic Output for Architectural Documents    (v2018)
• Streamlined Worksheets    (v2018)
• Multiple Drawing Views    (v2018)
• Direct Section and Elevation Editing    (v2018)
• Stay Informed with the New Message Center    (v2018)
• Plug-in Styles for More Parametric BIM Objects    (v2018)
• Improved Subdivision Modeling    (v2018)
• Braceworks    (v2018)
• Enhanced Web View Export    (v2018)
• New Rendered Panoramas    (v2018)
• Improved Vectorworks Cloud Services    (v2018)
• Enhanced Plant Tags    (v2018)
• Upgraded Renderworks with Maxon CineRender    (v2018)
• Easier GeoTIFF Image Import    (v2018)
• Enhanced Seating Section Command    (v2018)
• Direct Site Model Contour Editing    (v2018)
• New Foliage Tool    (v2018)
• New Import/Export Tree Survey Options    (v2018)
• New Zoom Option for Video and Blended Screens    (v2018)
• Revit Import    (v2017)
• IFC4    (v2017)
• Interior Elevations    (v2017)
• BIMobject Plug-In & Content    (v2017)
• DXF/DWG Import and Export Enhancements    (v2017)
• BCF Manager    (v2017)
• Renderworks for Everyone    (v2017)
• Slab Drainage Tool    (v2017)
• Web View and Virtual Reality    (v2017)
• Irrigation Tools    (v2017)
• Data Visualization in Viewports    (v2017)
• Responsive 2D Navigation    (v2017)
• Resource Manager    (v2017)
• Camera Match    (v2017)
• Door and Window Styles    (v2017)
• Structural Members    (v2017)
• Project Sharing Enhancements    (v2017)
• Updated Landscape Area Tool    (v2017)
• Plant Tool Update    (v2017)
• Cloud Services for Everyone    (v2017)
• Rope and Stanchion Tool    (v2017)
• Copy Label Position    (v2017)
• 3D Label Legends    (v2017)
• Cable Tools    (v2017)
• Dimension Tape Tool    (v2017)
• Improved Number Instruments Command    (v2017)
• Import Cinema 4D Textures    (v2017)
• Railing and Fence Tool    (v2017)
• Subdivision Enhancements    (v2017)
• Improved Cinema 4D Export    (v2017)
• Simplified Spotlight to Vision Workflow    (v2017)
• Image Alpha Transparency Control    (v2017)
• New Lighting and Audio Libraries    (v2017)
• 2D Drop Shadows    (v2017)
• Pen Opacity    (v2017)
• Create Seating Section Command    (v2017)
• Unified Symbols for Spotlight and Vision    (v2017)
• Improved Audio Visual Tools    (v2017)
• Replace with Stock Symbols    (v2017)
• Door and Window Improvements    (v2016)
• Hardscape Improvements    (v2016)
• Exciting Site Modeling    (v2016)
• Create Stage Improvements    (v2016)
• Improved Vectorworks Spotlight Objects    (v2016)
• Hoist Tools    (v2016)
• Horizontal Sections from the Clip Cube    (v2016)
• 3D Modifiers for Slabs    (v2016)
• Project Sharing    (v2016)
• Subdivision Surfaces    (v2016)
• Point Cloud Support    (v2016)
• Roof Components and Styles    (v2016)
• Energos    (v2016)
• Improved Content Installation Manager    (v2016)
• 3D PDF Export    (v2016)
• Improved Resource Thumbnail List    (v2016)
• Improved Eyedropper and Select Similar tool    (v2016)
• Increased Flexibility for Spotlight    (v2016)
• Marionette    (v2016)
• Mac OS X Palette Docking    (v2016)
• New Vectorworks Installation System    (v2016)
• New Migration Manager    (v2016)
• Linked Section/Detail Markers    (v2016)
• Database and Worksheet Improvements    (v2016)
• OBJ and STL File Import    (v2016)
• Improved DWG Export for Classes    (v2016)
• Improved Vectorworks to DWG Mapping    (v2016)
• Improved DWG Sheet Layer Export    (v2016)

With Vectorworks, you have best-in-class and easy-to-use technology for sharing your vision with anyone, anywhere.

Now includes RenderWorks!

Vectorworks - Point Cloud

Vectorworks - Energos

Vectorworks Subdivision Surfaces

Door & Window Improvements

Vectorworks software includes many improvements that were developed for better modelling, BIM management, interoperability, usability, performance, and quality.
• Enhanced 3D Modelling
• Better BIM Tools
• New Site Design Capabilities
• Improved Interoperability
• Usability Improvements
• Robust Rendering
• Increased Compatibility
• Cloud Services and Mobile Solutions

Using Sketchup Pro with Vectorworks

Price - excluding vat:
2,800.00 2,499.00

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